Spore for Mac: Worst Purchase Experience Ever

Spore Creature

Spore Creature (Photo credit: Liam Gladdy)

I bought Spore for Mac as a digital download from Amazon.  It was only $12, but it wasn’t worth it.

Step 1:  Download a 4 GB disk image.  Good thing I have a 50 Mbit net connection.

Step 2:  Open the .dmg, install Spore and launch.  Spore says there are updates available, so click Yes, download and install the updates.  This takes about as long as the original download.

Step 3:  Launch Spore.  Spore says there are updates available, so click Yes.  Repeat this twice more for a total of FOUR gigantic downloads and slow installs.

Step 4:  Finally, Spore doesn’t say there are updates available.  Yay!  I get to play my game now!  Wrong!  The splash screen comes up for about two seconds, then Spore crashes.

Step 5:  Root around the web a bit, find this good description of the problem (scroll down to “Nevoah” if you want to read it) and how to work around it.

Step 6:  Delete the entire freakin’ Spore installation and start at step 2, but SAY NO TO THE UPDATES offer.  This lets you enter the product keys that came with the game.  Once the game launches and runs OK, you can quit and continue with step 3 (seemingly endless downloading and updating).

Elapsed Time:  2 hours.

Image representing Electronic Arts as depicted...

Image via CrunchBase

EA:  You can’t afford to just bundle up all the stupid updates into one download that works the first time?  This is ridiculous.